Hello and welcome to the website of LilyFin Schnauzers !

My name is Gill and I am from the UK (South Yorkshire) although I have lived in Cyprus (Paphos) with my husband since 2003.

Our love of Miniature Schnauzers began in 2001 when we watched a TV programme which featured a Pepper & Salt Miniature Schnauzer.  We had no knowledge at this time about the breed but we both fell in love with this strange looking dog with long eyebrows and beard… Our first (pepper & salt) boy, Kaiser, was my surprise wedding anniversary gift to my husband the following year and we quickly realized just how unique this breed is with their strong personality and comical behaviour. Sadly our beloved boy passed away at the tender age of eight years after a six month battle against stomach cancer.

In January 2011, with much excitement, I went to Athens in Greece to collect our first black & silver boy (Best of Dominion Nepal). He stole our hearts immediately and I decided to start showing and breeding and the search for the ideal female began.  It was not easy, because in addition to finding a puppy with the best conformation, the main criteria was to seek out a foundation bitch which had the most compatible pedigree with Best of Dominion Nepal’s, in hope that my first litter would be blessed and inherit the excellent phenotype and genotype from both parents.  In November 2012, I travelled to Belgrade in Serbia to collect our chosen girl (House Kazak Odessa) and LilyFin Schnauzers was created.  In July 2014 our white female, (Georgia Genstat – import from Belarus) joined us and in January 2015, our youngest female (Victorious Star Yolanda – import from Ukraine) completed our ‘family’. All our dogs are healthy, happy and very much loved.  They live a carefree life enjoying long walks through the vineyards surrounding our home in the Cyprus sunshine.

The decision to become a breeder made me realize I needed to educate myself further so I enrolled on a two year course for ‘Canine Studies’ (ODL) with Oxford College of London.  I obtained a ‘Distinction’ qualification with my specialist subject and thesis based on Canine Genetics. In addition, I researched the breed and its origins thoroughly and have acquired an excellent knowledge of the breed and in addition, the correct technique of grooming including hand-stripping which is essential for the show dog.

My dream of becoming a breeder finally came true in January 2016 with the birth of our first litter of four beautiful, healthy puppies.  From this litter, Apricot Ice and Arabian Red remain with us and my ambition is to continue breeding top quality, Miniature Schnauzers with emphasis on health, sound temperament and correct conformation.

If you would like any information about me, my dogs or my future breeding programme, please do not hesitate to contact me…I am always happy to chat about my beloved breed !


Gill Peck